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Maria Shtofa

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About me

My name is Maria Shtofa, and I am an actress from Ukraine. In 2022, I graduated from The National University for Theater and Cinema Acting in Kyiv and worked for two years at a national theater in Ukraine. I also participated in various acting training and masterclasses. In 2019, I starred in my first feature film, "Rhino," directed by Oleg Sentsov, which won several awards and was later acquired by Netflix. I have also appeared in several short films, which have been showcased at international festivals. In 2021, I landed a leading role in the feature film "Myrnyi 21," directed by Ahtem Seitablaev. Despite the challenges caused by the war in my home country, I have continued to work on projects in Germany, Croatia, and other countries. I have visited Los Angeles, Vienna, and Berlin for masterclasses, and have also been working on a theater-dance project inspired by Argentinean folk dances. I am trained in contemporary, modern, folk and ballet dances, and have a background in rhythmic gymnastics and painting. I speak Ukrainian, English, and Russian fluently and am currently learning German and Croatian. 


Acting age
14-24 years
Year of birth
2000 (23 years)
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
blue gray
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
Housing options
Hamburg, Berlin, Los Angeles, Zagreb, Kyiv, Warsaw, New York
Artistic gymnasticsAerobicsBalletBasketballBeach volleyballSkateboardAcrobaticsFencing (stage)Figure skatingRoller-skating
ChoreographyClassic danceFreestyle danceImprovisation danceModern DanceStandardBalletContemporary danceExpressionist danceFolk danceScenicStreet Dance
Youth actor, Young actor, Actor
Balladfolk song


Primary professional training

Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Karyi University of theatre, cinema and television

Other professional training

Nationale Universität für Theater, Film und Fernsehen in Kiew
Children's National Theatre of the Young Actors - Kiew


Taras Shevchenko International Readers' Competition


Buka (Cinema film)
Sister (LR) Maciej Slesicki ,Filip Hillesland Casting Director: Olga Lubarova
Himmel & Erde | Небо та Земля (WT) (Lucas Schmidt)
Yaroslava Nikita Gibalenko Casting Director: Anna Davila
A server Denis Tarasov Distribution: PLAN B production ,1plus1 media Casting Director: Olga Dovgan
Uverennoye kasaniye
Dasha Roman Barabash Distribution: UPS production Casting Director: Ольга Довгань
Love Addicts
Kyra Arabella Bartsch Distribution: Warner Bros. International Television | Tobias Rosen Casting Director: Lisa Stutzky
Myrnyi 21
Olya Akhtem Seitablaev Distribution: Istmen film Casting Director: Anastasia Chorna
Ira Arkady Nepitalyuk Distribution: Family production
Rhino sister Oleh Sentsov Distribution: Arthouse Traffic | NETFLIX Casting Director: Anastasiia Chorna
"Дівчата" ("Girls") (Anton Shcherbakov)
Olenka Distribution: STB channel , Starlight production Casting Director: Victoria Ilyina
The edge of the sky is burning
Ann Anastasia Pashenko
The girl Ira Gromozda Distribution: STB channel , Mamas film Casting Director: Olena Prylipko
The Unnamed Story (Kateryna Demchenko-Zalvovska)
Yana Tetyana Kozhukalo Casting Director: Tetyana Kozhukalo
Homo Deus. Divine Human
Ulia Julia Deglina Distribution: Up Ua Studio Casting Director: Julia Deglina
Monika Anton Som


Silents.Season 2
Sveta (LE) Dalibor Matanic Distribution: Drugi Plan Casting Director: Tatyana Vladzimirskaya Written by: Marjan Alcevski
Love Addicts
Kyra Arabella Bartsch Station: Amazon | Warner Bros. Casting Director: Lisa Stutzky


“Backyard Games” Edna Maziya
Dvori M. Reznikovich Theater: Kyiv National Theater of Russian Drama named by Lesya Ukrainka
"The last stop" EM Remarque
Anna A.Romanov Theater: Student`s Theater KNUTKIT
"Until the rooster crows" I. Bukovchan
Fanka M.Y Reznikovych Theater: Student`s Theater KNUTKIT
"Shukshin" V. Shukshin
Woman (from "Microscope") Lesya Ostrovskaya Theater: Kids Musical Theater "Fantazianew"
"June 31" D. Priestley
Morgana (HR) (LR) Lesya Ostrovskaya Theater: Kids Musical Theater "Fantazianew"