Search for Ukrainian actresses and actors. is a digital home for professional actresses and actors from Ukraine – created “by actors for actors” together with key professional associations from across the European film industry. Initiated by the German actors association (Bundesverband Schauspiel e.V. BFFS) in cooperation with the 'Produzentenallianz' (alliance of German producers) it is supported by the VDA (Association of German Agents), ARDA (Association of French Casting Directors), PCDG (Polish Casting Directors Guild), VOECD (Association of Austrian Casting Directors), CDG (The Casting Directors' Guild of Great Britain & Ireland), Austrian Academy of Film, Deutsche Filmakademie e.V. (German Film Academy), SSFV (Swiss Union Film and Video), t. Swiss Theatre Professionals, SzeneSchweiz - Berufsverband Darstellende Künste, Dutch Directors Guild, ACT (belangenvereniging voor professionele acteurs Nederland), ZZAP (Polish Actors Trade Union), Dutch Casting Society’s, the BVC (German Casting Directors Association), CSA (Casting Society of America), ICDN (International Casting Directors Network), VOFTP (Flemish Independent Film & Television Producers), Pact (the UK screen sector trade body), UICD (Italian Union of Casting Directors), FIA (International Federation of Actors) and APA (the UK Advertising Producers Association). was the idea of Ukrainian Casting Director Alla Samoylenko and welcomes further supporters from the industry.

The main goal of the initiative is to provide visibility to actresses and actors from Ukraine who, had to leave their home because of the terrible war, and to show solidarity and support in these difficult times. Actors and actresses are invited to create and maintain a professional profile free of charge. operates on the platform of the European casting service Filmmakers, which means the performers’ profiles are automatically integrated into the individual systems of Casting Directors, production companies and further actor databases. The network of associations which support are key players in the media industry. Besides enabling visibility to film-makers across Europe, the supporting associations aim to help actresses and actors to integrate into the industry.

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